Do’s & Don’ts in Cambodia

DO’S & DON’TS in Cambodia

The people of Cambodia are known well for their warmth & hospitality. Visitors to the Kingdom should respect, and observe local traditions, customs, and practices. You will find it very helpful to acquaint yourself with the following Do’s & Don’ts in Cambodia before traveling to The Kingdom of Wonder.

Do's & Don'ts in Cambodia
“Local Khmers at a wedding party in Rural Cambodia”

Do’s in Cambodia

  • DO request permission before taking photographs of any Khmer people or monks.
  • DO remove your shoes before entering a place of worship such as a pagoda or temple. It is also respectful to remove your shoes when entering someone’s home. Visitors should also dress appropriately when visiting a religious site. ( arms and legs should be covered, hats should be removed).
  • DO partake in the Khmer greeting (“Sampeah”) while not always expected of a visitor, a common and respectful way of greeting a local Khmer is to bow the head slightly with hands pressed together at the chest (known as “Sampeah”).
  • DO bring a small gift If invited to a local Khmers family’s home, it is always polite to bring a gift of fruit, flowers or a dessert for the host.
  • DO offer cash as a wedding gift If you are invited to attend a Khmer wedding, this is usually the custom for a wedding gift.
  • DO cover your mouth with your hand when using a toothpick at the table as even the Khmers don’t want to see what you have eaten.
  • DO accept gifts or business cards with both hands when presented to you. The same is expected when offering a gift or business card presenting them with both hands is the usual custom.
  • DO have fun, after all, that’s why your here isn’t it?
Do's & Don'ts in Cambodia
“The Local Khmers love a good party”

Don’ts in Cambodia

  • DON’T ever point your feet at someone. Because your feet are the lowest part of the body is considered very bad to use your feet to point at someone.
  • DON’T touch a Khmer person on the head. The Head is the highest part of the body.
  • DON’T start eating first if you are a guest at a dinner party. It is customary to wait until the host has started eating first.
  • DON’T touch male monks or hand something to them directly if you are women.
  • DON’T display affection in public. Please keep displays of affection in a public place to a respectful minimum.
  • DON’T forget to have fun the Khmer people love having fun and love to laugh and joke.

Other Practices

DON’T litter always try to keep the community clean and safe.
DO lead by example be polite and also respectful. It always comes back to you.

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How will you go remembering the Do’s & Don’ts in Cambodia?

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