Khmer New Year Cambodian Style

Khmer New Year in Cambodia comes but once a year.

This is a Time for the local Khmers to stop and relax. The Khmer New Year celebration (“Sus’Dei Chnam Thmei”) lasts for most of the week in mid-April usually starting around the 13th or 14th of April (depending on leap years). Everyone is out and about wishing each other and their families success, peace, and happiness. Families return home to their province and catch up with family and friends. The local Wats and Pagodas in the villages host events that last days. Where the young, old and in between go to meet one another with dancing until the early hours of the morning.

Card games are popular in the villages all over Cambodia around this time. Although illegal, I imagine a blind eye is turned during this time.

Playing around @ Khmer New Year
Place your bets “Khmer New Year “

Dancing (“Roum”) is always going on at this time of the year.

Refreshing Cold Beer Khmer New Year
Cold Beer @ Khmer New Year
Local Khmers Having a good time.
A beer in Hand and a bit of Khmer Dancing


Khmer Dancing ("Roum") Khmer New Year
Khmer Dancing in the local village.r.


Drinking is also a favorite pastime during Khmer New Year. Alcohol is consumed by the liter from the local Khmer whiskey (“Sra Sor”)  or the local Fermented Palm Wine (“Duek Tanout Jew”) to the many Cambodian Beers. This pastime is perfect as this time of year is extremely hot.

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