5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cambodia.

 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cambodia.

Cambodia is most likely best known for Angkor Wat and the horrible activities of the Khmer Rouge back in the 1970’s. However, there is certainly more to this delightful Kingdom of Wonder than meet the eye. Cambodia and its culture might surprise you more than you might think. Here are some things you probably don’t know about Cambodia.


Tonle Sap Cambodia
“Small houses along the Tonle Sap lake Cambodia”


1: It’s home to one of the world’s rarest waterway wonders

The Tonle Sap River is the largest freshwater waterway in Southeast Asia and is unique in that its flow changes direction twice a year. From November to May its waters drains into the Mekong River and its enormous lake shrinks. When monsoon season begins in June, the lake is formed once again.


Rabbit Island Cambodia
“Rabbit Island (Koh Tonsi) Southern Cambodia”


2: It’s a fabulous seaside destination!

For some, Cambodia summons pictures of winding waterways, Jungles and mountains, yet it has a phenomenal coastline as well!
Extending 440 km along the Gulf of Thailand, it has seemingly a portion of the best shorelines in Asia, huge numbers of which can be found in the Sihanoukville region, encompassed by amazing natural areas and exotic islands.


Cambodia Spider. Have you tried one yet?
“Tarantula spider a Cambodian delicacy from Skuon”


3: They cherish eating their insects!

Pan fried bug snacks are always available in markets all over the country. Truth be told, fried tarantula or “a-bping” (Khmer name) are a delicacy in Cambodia and a small town called Skuon prides itself on them – crunchy on the outside with a delicate smooth center – mmm delicious. There are obviously a lot of great reasons to consume these hairy frightening little animals including the fact that they are high in protein, low calories and jammed packed with vitamins and minerals.

I dare you to try one?


Ta Prohm Temple
“The Temple of Ta Phrom Angkor Sanctuary Siem Reap”


4: Angkor Wat is only one of the numerous temples

Angkor Wat in Siem Reap might be the main thought that springs to mind when you consider Cambodia as a travel destination, however as this was the home of the Khmer civilization back in the ninth to fifteenth centuries, there are a lot more other temples and sanctuaries in this area… and spectacular ones in their own right. The lakes and reservoirs of Angkor are as large a piece of the place and the way of life as the structures themselves. The greatest of the lakes (West Baray) is 2.4 km wide and 8 km long!


Cambodian Monkey Sihanoukville
“Monkey in Sihanoukville Province Near Independence Beach”


5: Dolphins, elephants, monkeys and tigers… Cambodia is brimming with natural life!

Albeit regularly modest and hard to spot, Cambodia is home to dhole, Elephant, Leopard Cats, Bear, Monkey, Tigers and then some!
Tragically a significant number of the region’s animals are endangered and wildlife preservation organizations are attempting to save the lives of as many species as possible in the country. There are many opportunities to get into and explore the jungle and wildlife here. However, unless you’re really lucky it may be quite difficult to see the more endangered animals.
You never know though?


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