The Dragon of Sokha Beach

Sokha Beach Sihanoukville

The Dragon of Sokha Beach is a mystery often talked about in Sihanoukville. The small public area of Sokha Beach is nestled against the rocky headland. This area is usually quiet and a nice place to go in the early afternoon.

On the next beach over from Ocheateal Beach and just up from the waters edge against this headland is a very large tail of a Dragon. Supposedly swimming in from the sea and diving into the earth.

The Mysterious Sokha Beach Dragon

There are many stories about this Dragon. One of the stories is that the owner of the Sokha Beach Resort saw a Dragon in his dreams. This Dragon gave good luck to him. So when the resort was built he created a small section of beachfront for public use and here, he constructed the tail of this large Dragon. The tail rises high in the air then twists and winds its way into the earth. Most people visiting here think nothing of it. Some, however, wonder why is there only the tail? Where is the rest of the dragon? or where is it going?

Sokha Beach Dragon Tail

Most of the beach at Sokha is taken by the Resort and previously the beach area in front of the Resort was guarded by security not allowing access to walking along the beach. These days the beach area in front of The Sokha Resort is more open and walking along the beach is usually ok.

Ahh! what about the Dragon you ask? Well, there is more to this Dragon than just a tail.However, it goes beyond the Public part of the Beach

Well, there is more to this Dragon than just a tail. However, it goes beyond the public part of the Beach.

Watch the video below and discover for yourself is there more to this Dragon than just a tail?



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