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Phnom Penh Online

Information specifically about the city of Phnom Penh in the Kingdom of Cambodia and it’s surrounding provinces.Phnom Penh Online a guide to Phnom Penh & Beyond.
This information comes in the form of general information for travelers, which includes such topics as Places to visit, Markets in the city, helpful information on people, climate, Festivals and more.
We provide a constant update of Images, Photo’s, Video and other types of media. For the visitor to explore this fascinating Kingdom from the comfort of their armchair.
Phnom Penh Online was initially started back in 2004 by Mr. S Duncan.

There were a few websites that were available at the time but they were limited as to the information supplied. They did not work so well many had errors in their search functions that did not perform correctly and didn’t provide the searcher with the information they were looking for. Phnom Penh Online A guide to Phnom Penh Cambodia & Beyond

Today Phnom Penh Online has been redesigned again to give the customer a simple and effective user-friendly search experience and give the visitor an interesting look at Phnom Penh and many of the surrounding provinces.

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