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Welcome to our Gallery these images are of the many other places located all around Cambodia from tip to tip of this fascinating Kingdom.
The more you travel around Cambodia the more you will find beautiful warm places and friendly Khmer people that will steal your heart. From the many small rural village areas of this country to the beaches in the south there is always a sight that will treat your senses to an unforgettable experience.
We hope that you enjoy the gallery and that it leaves you with a taste of what this amazing Kingdom and it’s wonderful people are all about.

The Khmer people that live, work and play in Cambodia will give the viewer an insight into the friendly and wonderful nature of these remarkable and resilient people leaving you with a lasting smile on your face, one that is inevitable after meeting such warm and friendly people.

Images of Angkor and the surrounding temples and ruins. The images are from all over the Angkor temple site and also from some of the more remote sites such as the Roluos Group, Banteay Srei, Kobal Spien and Beng Mealea.
These images give you an insight into the beautiful surroundings and amazing architecture of these truly magnificent temples.

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