Khmer cuisine & the secret ingredients

Khmer cuisine

Fresh Barbeque FishWith flavors of sweet and bitter, salty and sour, and of course the fire of chili and pepper Khmer cuisine is one of my favorite foods. Noodles, soups, grills, stir-fries, curries, salads, desserts, lots of vegetables, tropical fruits, and a large variety of spices like cloves, cinnamon, star anise, nutmeg, cardamom, ginger, and turmeric.

Khmer Noodle Soup

The Khmers have perfected the art of blending these ingredients. Creating amazing dishes of immense flavor and aroma. Of course, we can’t forget, rice and fish which is the staple food for Cambodians. Rice is typically consumed at almost every meal along with a few other dishes. Fish (freshwater) from the rivers, lakes, and rice fields are also considered a Cambodian staple.

The Secret Ingredients

Fresh Khmer Produce

There are two other unique ingredients that give Cambodian cuisines their fabulous flavor. Collectively, these ingredients have become an important aromatic combination commonly used in Cambodian cuisines. The first of these ingredients is Kampot Pepper this sought after spice is available in red, white or black; for three different uses, three different tastes. Ranging from delicately spicy to mildly sweet, this is one ingredient that gives the Khmer cuisine its unique taste in some of their dishes. The second, Prahok is a delicious staple dish of Cambodian cuisine. The word “Prahok”, which means fermented fish, is GOLD to Cambodian cuisine, and takes up different shapes of flavor, depending on the recipe. It is a must try if you are visiting here but it will take some courage.

The Khmer cuisine and its setback

Khmer Curry

Due to the Cambodians tragic past, the development of their cuisine had been set back many years however it is quickly emerging though and over the past 10 years has become more known. Today, the customs are coming back – including the nation’s cuisine – and eateries everywhere are opening throughout the country. Perhaps one day, they’ll start opening in foreign nations, too. In Siem Reap, next to Angkor, you will find many Khmer eateries as well as the good hotels that provide royal Khmer cuisine.Interested in trying

TRY Khmer Cooking yourself to Surprise Your Guests with a unique Taste of Cambodia.

These two (2) Cambodian recipe books are amongst the best Khmer cookbooks available.

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