Cambodia Beaches Ocheateal Sihanoukville 2017

Cambodia Beaches

The Beaches of Cambodia are becoming a popular destination these days. More and more people are coming to experience the beaches of Cambodia and Sihanoukville has a big selection of them for the visitor to explore.

Ocheateal Beach Sihanoukville

A lot of the Cambodia beaches are in Sihanoukville. One of the main beaches in Sihanoukville is Ocheateal Beach. Over the years Ocheateal Beach has undergone many changes and it is still continually changing to provide a better and more attractive place to visit. I still don’t think Ocheateal beach has perfected its development, look & style yet. It has a long way to go in fact. Today there are more changes being made we will have to wait and see though what happens in the future. Hopefully, the changes to come are for the better. The South end of Ocheateal Beach which is currently undergoing infrastructure development in the form of a new road that runs along the beach front will achieve this outcome I hope. Having an open view of the beach and access for the public is a much better look for the place.

Ocheateal Beach CambodiaVisit restaurants & bars both local & western situated right on the beach providing everything from simple snacks & drinks to fancy cocktails & seafood bar-b-que’s many hawkers both children and adults still walk the beach selling both food and souvenirs for the visitors.

Take a look at the video of Ocheateal Beach 2017 a quick drive around showing the old and the new.

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